WC-Special: Vuvuzela Stop – How to filter the annoying Vuvuzela sound in realtime

The blog Surfpoeten has released instructions how to filter out the annoying sound of the Vuvuzelas at the 2010 World Cup games with the help of a ‘high-slope band stop filter’ and a computer. However, many of us do not to have the software Apple Logic Express 8 (or other versions), which is required to be able to follow the instructions of the Surfpoeten.

In principle, the construction of the filter is quite simple. The audio signal must be transmitted from the receiver to the PC, where you can apply frequency-specific filters in realtime. Therefore, we have searched for other options and found some that work for PC users as well.
On the blog icanmakeit.de, the author presents an effects preset for Ableton Live software that allows you to configure the multi-band EQ of the software so that the Vuvuzela sound disappears from the soundtrack or at least get well-damped.

Next, you can download on icanmakeit.de a Vuvuzela filter for energyXT and use it immediately. But those who do not possess the program and don’t want to buy it, can build their personal Vuvuzela filter with a VST hos, and an equalizer plugin. This is also described on this¬†blog with a nice manual.
With a little effort, you can adapt the filters to other programs such as WinAmp, Audacity and Adobe Audition. Another idea would be to filter a live broadcast via Internet radio stream directly on the PC and then listen to the radio stream instead of the TV soundtrack.
So we wish you success your personal recording studio work and to enjoy a more silent great 2010 World Cup.

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11 comments to WC-Special: Vuvuzela Stop – How to filter the annoying Vuvuzela sound in realtime

  • Tom Kazanski

    Thank you guys, finally an advise how to get rid of this horrible distraction from the game.

  • Educated scientist

    How geeky! I solved the issue by turning the TV sound low, while turning on an internet radio station with a commentary from a studio. Nice, clean sound… and I actually got to choose who speaks :-)

    Btw. this is what makes a difference on this soccer world cup. A reporter that can speak, and create all the needed atmosphere himself, without relying on the audience noise. Go radio… that’s where the real reporters work… irgnore the TV weenies!

  • Ted Striker

    If you watch it using VLC Player you can filter out the Vuvuzelas by starting the player with this: vlc –audio-filter param_eq –param-eq-f1=233 –param-eq-f2=466 –param-eq-f3=932 –param-eq-gain1=-20 –param-eq-gain2=-20 –param-eq-gain3=-20 –param……-eq-lowf=100 –param-eq-lowgain=15 –param-eq-q1=10 –param-eq-q2=10

  • Thomas D

    Thanks for the hint. However, am still dealing with some difficulities. I am looking for a solution that works with my dvb-t receiver when I am travelling and during the brakes of project meetings.


  • Hi Thomas, the solution that Ted has posted works perfectly with DVB-T. Here is what you have to do. Use your dvb-t software to determine the frequency of the channel you want to watch. Then you start the VLC Player with the vuvu-filter (see Teds Post). Then open a recording device. Change from direct show to DVB direct show. Activate DVBT Radio Button and enter the frequency and bandwith. You should get a DVBT Stream in your player now. You might need to switch the channel, because usually there will be several channels on one frequency.

    Now you can enjoy the world cup without the noise and you will be surprised: You can actually hear fans screaming. It’s wonderful!!!

  • Ted Striker

    Another benefit of using the VLC Player is that you can stream it locally. Then you tell the ip-address to selected meeting participants and you can all enjoy the game while pretending to pay attention to the meeting.

  • Thomas D

    I just tried the local streaming in a project meeting and opend the stream to my spanish project partners. Bad luck – their team lost against Switzerland. ;-)

  • check this site. Here an open letter to Mr Joseph Blatter, President of FIFA, against a vuvuzela! http://vuvuzelastop.info/?lang=en

  • Man in the Middle

    Tom, I agree, Vuvuzela is all about proper training and education – just watch the Berlin philharmonic playing Ravel on Vuvuzelas:


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