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Tips and Tricks for surviving a business trip are essential for staying motivated and productive. All contributions are welcome.

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How to enjoy a relaxing flight….

Do you travel with people that need special attention all the time? There exists a simple trick how to separate from them during a flight. All you need to do is to register for the frequent flyer program of the airline and feed your profile with “unusual” dietary requirements. The combination of “gluten-free” and “kosher” will trigger the airline to give you a seat where they have you under their special observation – far away from everyone else of your travel group. Enjoy your privacy during your next flight. Also enjoy travelling in the company of religious fringe lunatic crackpots.

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Travel & Logistics Hotels
Beat airline strikes with the European speed train network! Cheap hotels: Last-minute booking into the Grand Hotel.
Dealing with lost and misplaced luggage. Creative ways of using the hotel minibar.
Information on travel health insurance in Europe.
Get some Volcano fun in Iceland while air traffic is shut down!
How to optimize your travel cost
Meetings People
Effective meeting preparations while travelling. (members only) Use the the force of magic tools that tracks your contact’s conference trips!
How to survive those pesky meetings you always have at the nice destinations. The phenomena of the “researcher-in-the-middle attack” can be used, or countered on meetings. (members only)
Essential tips to be successful where it is most important: the buffet - food tactics! (members only)
Do you have problems to ensure funding for your favorite conferences?
Tools and strategies
Find a conference in a nice location! Get your VAT back: Tax and duty free shopping while traveling.
How to organize project proposals – Part 1 – stakeholders in your organization
Not all conferences have to be done by physical meetings – Why not setting up a Telephone conference ?
Part 2 – How to plan and conduct a Telephone conference is now online. (members only).
Mobility & Connectivity
Get some extra time at the airport for doing e-mail! (members only) All about standards, plugs and sockets when travelling. Find the essentials here! (members only)
Be reachable in meeting locations with a mobile phone ban! Being reachable is not always desired. This articles describes how to stay in control about the personal reachability, while not loosing any important information.

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