Minibar transformations

A minibar has many uses.

A minibar has many uses. Image from - CC license.

The minibar. Container of overpriced snacks and alcoholic drinks. Completely ignored until late night. Then, with the hotel guest craving for a snack, the minibar forces itself into conciousness with a constant background humming of its refrigerator. Nearly impossible to resist.

There are certain creative ways of using the hotel minibar at lower cost. Why should you pay serious money for a coke, a beer or some chocolate bars?

No, we’re not talking about fraud. Not even about the good, old “Whisky-to-Black-Tea-Switch maneuver”.

Get billed the right way.

You wouldn’t believe how many hotels simply provide you with a total sum on your bill, not explicitly mentioning breakfasts, minibar or pay TV expenses. All you need to do is to ask for it. It all depends on your organization’s billing rules. Did you check whether you can claim meals?

Get a refill.

After some spontaneous, late-night use of the minibar, you can still try to outrun the room maid. At least, when you’re in a large enough town. Make an inventory list, and buy the stuff you used up in the supermarket on the corner. Refill the minibar with the used up items – and pay a few € at the supermarked for sparkling water, soft-drinks, beer and chips rather than a tremendous bill at the reception desk!

Be a planner!

Staying for several days, you can just store all the minibar content into a plastic bag, leave a sticky note on the minibar door explaining your temporary “parking” of the content, and then fill the minibar with your favourite food and drinks from the supermarket. Why not use the refrigerator while it’s humming off all night anyway? You might impress your contacts with sparkling wine and caviar from your minibar.

Don’t forget to put the original contents back before you check out!

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2 comments to Minibar transformations

  • lexi

    Another creative use of the minibar is due to the fact that its power supply has to be always on: if you have a spare multiplier cord and manage to get it between the minibar and the power outlet you can have power to recharge laptops and mobile phones even if you leave the room :-)

  • confessor

    Hey, it seems that you often stay in these hotels where you need the key card of the door for activating the power supply. Thanks for this innovative recommendation.

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