Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Goethe University

Goethe University's new campus resides in the former CIA headquarters in Europe, formerly the headquarters of IG Farben. Today, its casino contains a very nice cafeteria which is proudly shown to all visitors.

Due to Germany’s noisiest and busiest airport, you’ve probably been molested by the FraPort airport security bots more than enough on your international flight connections. However, sometimes you don’t run for a connection, but stay for a meeting in Germany’s financial capital.

Unlike Frankfurt’s stereotypical reputation of a very busy, very hectic and very yuppie business and finance town, the place offers a couple of out-of-the-ordinary experiences and opportunities for those who live on the bright side of meeting-work-life-balance. With university facilities, banks, and research facilities all over the place, you normally can’t escape meetings in Frankfurt, anyway.

However, you don’t need to spend your spare time in braindead downtown cocktail bars, sharing the bar with stock traders and their bonuses. Get around!

What to do

  • Earn Miles & More miles faster than anywhere else in the world! Waste your budget exclusively on Lufthansa flights, and you’ll surely stay on Senator status until you retire.
  • Visit a game of the local football club Frankfurter Eintracht.
  • Go shopping at the “Zeil”, the biggest shopping street of Frankfurt.
  • On saturday mornings there is a farmers market at the “Konstablerwache”. Enjoy Bratwurst, local wine, beer and local produce.
  • Visit Cocoon Club, DJ Sven Väth’s own memorial and dance club for Tekkno music, including a Roman-style restaurant where you lie on a couch while eating, and a calssy sushi bar. The star cook Mario Lohninger, together with his crew, will make an evening in the “silk” or mikro” restaurants to an unforgettable event. Being one of our architecture recommendations, you have to cast an eye on the adorable cocoon and alien architecture around the dance floor!
  • Visit the Paulskirche in the city centre. This is the place where the first national assembly came together in 1848 and where the first national constitution for a united Germany was developed.
  • If you’re a fan of Hundertwasser’s architecture, then you should cast a view on nearby Bad Soden’s Hundertwasserhaus im Quellenpark, on Darmstadt’s Waldspirale, and on Frankfurt-Heddernheim’s Hundertwasser kindergarten.
  • Take a walk around Frankfurt’s only Chinese garden – Bethmann-Park, located between Friedberger Landstrasse and Berger Strasse. Providing calmness in a hectic city, the park provides a pagode, a pond with carp, koi and gold fish, and gardens.
  • Make a trip to Messel pit (“Grube Messel“) which was declared to UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1995. The eruption of a maar volcano 47.000.000 years ago created a lake with toxic gases in which many fossils got perfectly preserved. The train from Frankfurt main station takes around 30 minutes to Bahnhof Messel. Take the opportunity and get in touch with researchers from the Senckenberg Museum, close to University Campus Bockenheim in Frankfurt.
  • Rent a bike and make a trip along the river main, preferably upstream.  GPS-enthusiasts might want to prepare their trip with a trace of the cycle path and owners of an IPhone could download an App, providing a bunch of useful information from here. Renting a bike is easy and the those of Deutsche Bahn will be acceptable for short trips.
  • Niederwald monument above Rüdesheim am Rhein

    Niederwald monument above Rüdesheim am Rhein

    Those who a) are wine connoisseurs or b) want the full tourism program should think about a day trip to the Rheingau-area.  TheRheingau is about 70 kilometres to the east from Frankfurt and can easily reached by train. People with a preference for wine will find some initial guidance on the website, including background material on several villages, wine festivals and wine cellars. Of specials importance for cineastes is  Eberbach Abbey, close to Eltville. The interior scenes of  “The name of the Rose” were filmed here in 1985 / 1986 and a trip will help you to  recall this outstanding film .  The Abbey become a famous place for the annual Rheingau-music-festival and is still an important place for classy wine-specialities. In the case that you have a local project partner nearby, try to organize a meeting here and the success of the meeting is guaranteed ;-) For people with a favour for pure tourism atmosphere, a trip to Rüdesheim will be a good choice. Here you will meet nearly every cliché of tourists visiting whole Germany in less than 48 hours. People who need this feeling, should absolutely visit the Drosselgasse in the center of Rüdesheim and make a trip by gondola lift to the Niederwald – Monument which was build in 1870/71 to commemorate the foundation of the German empire after the end of the Franco-Prussian War.  However, we hope that our readers will be motivated by wine, culture and achieving good project results and not by following tourist clichés.

Where to stay

  • Hotel West, which is located in Bockenheim, close to the old university Campus there. Affordable, small, central location.
  • Hotel Excelsior is located right next to the railway station, and offers free minibar and wireless at affordable room rates.
  • The coin-shaped, blue Radisson hotel symbolises Frankfurt’s dependence on the finance business’s thin edge of the cash coins they produce. An oddity in Frankfurt’s otherwise rather rectangular skyline, this hotel offers everything from a conference center at ground level up to a top-level wellness area with pool on the roof.
Frankfurt's Skyline

Frankfurt's Skyline seen from the river, near the Sachsenhausen party and drinking district.

Getting around

  • You can use the public transport system to get around. Subways, commuter trains, trams and buses take you everywhere.
  • The best connection from the airport is the commuter train. It takes 15-20 minutes, and costs less than 5€ per ride.

Where to eat

  • Frankfurt thrives with the ancient tradition of apple cider restaurants. Locally called Apfelwein, Äppler, or Ebbelwoi, this drink is Apfelschorle for adults. Where you’d meet a brewery’s beer hall in Munich, you’d end up in a cider hall and restaurant in Frankfurt, craving on heavy grill food, potato dishes and marinated cheese (Handkäs). Try these Apfelwein-Restaurants: Zum Rad, Apfelwein Adolph, Apfelwein Solzer.
  • If you happen to do business downtown around the bank towers, you might consider a quick lunch in the food market hall – Kleinmarkthalle. Filled with speciality booths, anything from oysters to truffels is sold – and served. You can sit and enjoy a seafood snack, Italian antipasti, or anything else.
  • Enjoy an evening at the “ Dichtung und Wahrheit” in the city centre. This restaurant has a famous variety of fine wine to affordable prices, and is located, like the name implies, rather close to Frankfurt’s Goethe-Haus (which is a museum, not a language institute).
  • Do you like “Bratwurst”? A trip to “Best Worscht in Town” with large variety of ( hot) “Bratwurst” is worth a trip. The have several snack-points in Frankfurt but the one in the “Grüneburgweg 23″ is the one and only and close to Campus Westend of Frankfurt University.
  • After all the above, you might be in the mood to get back to classy cuisine. Schuchs Restaurant offers Apfelwein-cuisine of the creative kind, where the chef uses lokal traditional elements to create phantastic meals. Of course, they make their own apple cider. Only from old, traditional apples. Purely fermented the species. Groups can ask for a guided tour of the cider cellar. Don’t forget the spirit – distilled cider – after your meal!
  • For a taste of typical, reginal wine and a nice snak, visit Bockenheimer Weinkontor. This wine bar, residing in a back yard, has open fireplaces in wintertime, and a garden with vines in summer.

What to bring home

  • A Bembel, the traditional pitcher used for serving the local Äppler cider.
  • Several Gerippte
  • A Stöffschedeckel
  • as well as, of course, Ebbelwoi


Current weather

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4 comments to Frankfurt am Main, Germany

  • jet lag

    Hi, thanks for the recommendation with “Best Worscht in Town”. I visited one of their selling points and they serve a delicious bread. It is really one of the best commercially produced bread that I ever tasted. Thanks for this post – Keep on blogging.

  • Mike

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  • William of Baskerville

    Thanks for the recommendation of Abbey Eberbach as a meeting location. It perfectly fits into your article named “Unreachablity managemend – when time matters”. I have a vision of a project meeting with all particants in cowls. Such an approach preserves your privacy perfectly as long as one does not speak up.
    I will suggest that location to my consortium.



  • mobileslebenundarbeiten

    Dear William,

    when you’re done with the business part, you’ll certainly enjoy the neighboring Vinyard of Schloss Johannisberg – supposedly Germany’s oldest Riesling yard.
    In addition, their cellar contains their “Bibliotheca subterranea”, their own archive of production, with the oldest Riesling bottle in the archive dated 1748. Once a year, there is an exclusive wine sampling where some old bottles will be openend – secure your tickets!

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